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Woodlands Adventure – a Mountain-top moment!

One of our Brownie Leaders writes:

“This photo is my mountain top moment from Woodlands. I took 10 brownies and they were split as 7 swimmers and 3 non swimmers.  I went with the non swimmers, they were my younger brownies.  Manasa (pictured) said to me at the beginning. Is this a wood or a forest? I said I thought a wood. She then said I have never been in a wood before, is it safe?

She was very cautious through the morning but slowly gained her confidence. We did the assault course after lunch. It became clear at the first hurdle that she had never climbed before, she had no idea how to place her feet or use her body to climb. The woodlands staff were amazing with her as were the other brownies. The picture is her at the top of the last scramble net which she climbed on her own with no help. She did not stop smiling for the rest of the day. I am still smiling writing this now. This is why I love guiding.”