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Snowdon Challenge with Mel Hurst

DSCF3763 On Sunday 6th July, 28 members of Girlguiding Birmingham took on the intrepid challenge of hiking up Mt Snowdon. After an early start with some sleepy looking faces, we departed Trefoil House to make the 3 hour coach trip to Snowdonia.  Fortunately everything ran to time, everyone had turned up on time, no one had forgotten their packed lunch, and the roads were kind to us. On arriving at Pen-y-pass, the car park was already full with lots of others taking on this challenge, despite the forecast for rain.  We split into 3 groups, each one being led by a mountain leader – a qualification that enables someone to lead groups of young people up mountains in the UK. Someone commented, is that Snowdon, my reply was no, that’s Crib Goch, Snowdon is the bigger one in the clouds over there.  Her reply, “Oh that’s a long way!”  Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, standing at 1085 metres above sea level.  It’s one of the most popular mountains as a challenge event due to its accessibility, distance, and the café at the top which serves the Snowdon Mountain Railway! We set off on the Pyg track, a gentle climb to get us started.  Beautiful scenery as we look at the mountains ahead, before more and more climbing.  The groups switch around as they take rests at different times.  Eventually leading us up to the view of the lake in the valley, stopping for a bit of lunch. Next the weather turns and the rain approaches.  On go the waterproof jackets and trousers, the clouds set in and the rain starts.  Quite heavy at first, the wind, wet hair on our faces!  Not a long shower though, before it starts to ease off and the sun shows signs of peeking through again. Then the last stage of the huge task dawns upon us……….. A steep climb towards the summit.  Hard work, unhappy faces, the sweets come out for the burst of sugar to assist with this last few hundred metre climb.  Three and a quarter hours of hiking and we are nearly there.  We reach the junction with the railway path and see the mountain railway go past.  Two people are excited waving at us, “oh that’s Linda and Lynne on the train!”  The last few hundred yards and we reach the summit, the relief, knowing that it is all downhill from here.     ……………………..  more to follow