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Property Update Autumn 2021

I am pleased to be able to report that our properties have gradually been opening up over the last few months. In order to get the properties ready for opening after such a long closure, very grateful thanks go to anyone who has played a part in the cleaning and tidying of all the properties. This has included a group of leaders from Kings Norton who have pressure washed all the paving area at Goodrest and a group of 6 people who spent 3 days at Trefoil Croft cleaning inside and tidying outside ready for the first Brownie holiday in August. Residential bookings are being approached with caution by most leaders but we are pleased that some are gradually returning.


Despite the restrictions, evening and day time bookings have been quite good. Residential bookings are slower restarting, with just 2 overnight bookings by Guide groups this summer. As leader confidence returns there will hopefully be more residential bookings for 2022.


The first booking at Trefoil Croft was a Brownie Holiday in August, this has been followed by 2 more Brownie weekends and a Ranger weekend plus 2 day bookings for groups of adults. There are a further 2 Brownie weekends booked in November. There are 7 weekends already booked for next year with more enquiries coming in. Trefoil Croft looks good after it’s summer clean and tidy up and has now had all the bushes and hedges trimmed. When thinking about residential events for next year, do consider Trefoil Croft and Trefoil Fields.
Thank you to those who came and picked plums and damsons and gave donations to Trefoil Croft  –  the donations were very much appreciated and it was good that the fruit was picked and used.


Trefoil House has had some limited opening since April and to more extent since September. Although at the moment there have been very few Girlguiding bookings, we have welcomed back many of our outside bookings and a number of new ones. These have mainly been theatre, singing, orchestral and training groups who are really pleased to be back and allowed to meet again. We have continued to advise use of social distancing, ventilation, hand sanitiser and wearing of masks when moving around the building. Bookings are also coming in well for next year, with the hope that we will be able to recover some of our lost income. There is a particular demand for Sunday bookings at the moment.

I am excited to report that we have had two recent very positive meetings regarding the development of Trefoil House following a very quiet period through lockdown when we were not sure whether things were moving forward or not !
There have been issues with securing the funders for the project, but this is now resolved with Invesco Real Estate becoming the funders and the developers. Winvic have been appointed as the contractors who will complete the project and I am pleased to report that the original architects, Corstophine and Wright remain in place, which means that the agreed plans that were presented several months ago still stand. Preliminary work is due to start in the near future, with a projected handover date of 1st February 2023  –  Winvic are a company that have a good track record for completing their projects on time.


Tuptonia is currently being repainted and refurbished and is due to be brought back to Lapworth in the next few weeks. This work means that it will almost be like having a new boat again, which is very exciting news. Tuptonia has been out of action for almost 2 years now but will be open for bookings from March 2022, with an encouraging number of bookings already made.

It has not been an easy 2 years for any of our Property Administrators and their teams, who despite having no bookings and the associated no income have all worked hard to keep the properties in good shape and ready to open when we were allowed to. Thank you so much to all these volunteers for the unknown time and effort that goes into doing this so successfully.

These properties are YOUR properties please use them to full advantage for giving girls from all sections, new experiences, none of which are far from home.

Linda Bateman
Chair of Property Management Committee