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Birmingham Pride

We went to Birmingham Pride this year to share the message that girls can be proud to be whoever and whatever they want to be and that they can do anything they want to do. I loved being there as I support this message wholeheartedly and was excited to share this message with the people of Birmingham.

Being in the parade was so much fun! We danced and sang and showed our support to the LGBT community with our banners and shirts. The whole experience was great and everyone was so happy and excited that the atmosphere was amazing.

At our stall we met plenty of people interested in what we do and how they can be involved and gave out plenty of information as well as badges and stickers to help get our name out there.

Overall it was a great experience that I really enjoyed. We had so much fun and really showed what we stand for to the community of Birmingham. I hope that we can attend again next year and that I am able to take part and have as much fun as we did this year.

Zoe Wood, Ladywood Division