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Big Brownie Birthday – 100 years of Brownies!

Birmingham Big Brownie Birthday Celebrations on Saturday 21st June 2014 the culmination of two years planning!  We arrived on site at King Edward V1 Girls School at 6.40am to set up and await the arrival of 11oo girls and their leaders – the sun was shinning and the carousel had managed to navigate its way through the gates at Kings Edward V1 School.  Activity providers and the various charities arrived on site, followed by a steady trickle of Brownies and leaders.

A taste of what brownies experienced included:  Cake decorating, pass the parcel, bouncy castles, local charities, carousel, swing boats, planetarium, falconry, bhangra dancing, cheerleading, pin the tail on the donkey, photo booth, ice creams, animal man, mosaic, hoop la, drumming, rocket making, picnicking in the sunshine and so much more.

The finale of the day included singing “happy birthday” in celebration of our 100th Brownie birthday with two brownies and two leaders also celebrating their birthday, followed by a flurry of bubble blowing and ribbon waving, we bid 1100 girls goodbye and a safe journey home clutching their “goody bags”.

Thank you King Edward V1 School for allowing us to take over your school and make it such a memorable day!