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All Aboard Tuptonia

The 195th Birmingham Brownies had a fantastic day in Birmingham City Centre during the Summer holidays!

Eight girls and two leaders set off on the bus to meet Tuptonia (the narrowboat owned by Birmingham and Northampton Counties) We gently made our way to Selly Oak on the canal, playing “I Spy” on the way.

We got held up in the canal traffic jam, as some workmen were repairing the tow path and we had to wait ages for them to move! We all got the chance to sit outside and steer the boat. We had our lunch on the boat and then finally arrived back at Cambrain Wharf on Broad Street.  Thanks to Ray and Rosemary, our skippers, for a brilliant journey.

In the afternoon we went to the Sea Life Centre and saw all the amazing fish, sharks and turtles. It was awesome! We took lots of photos around the canal on Broad Street as part of our Arts Explosion project.

We had a brilliant day – it’s great being a Brownie!!