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A visit from Cats Protection

Contributed by Rose Baker-Wilkes, aged 9, bottom right of photo.

On the 15th March Sheila and Pam from Cats Protection came to the 40th Brownies to tell them all about cats.

The charity was founded in 1927 to help cats in the First World War. They find new homes for over 40,000 cats a year.

It was amazing. I really enjoyed learning all about cats.” said Rose, a 40th Brownie.

Cats Protection has 5 steps to make sure your cat is a happy and healthy cat:-

Step 1 is diet. Cats need to be fed properly and with the correct food.

Step 2 is environment. They need a safe place to live and play.

Step 3 is health. Cats need regular visits to the Vet for check-ups.

Step 4 is behaviour. You need cats to be able to express their feelings by having space and privacy.

The final Step is company. You need to play with your cat

Also some cats like to live alone whilst others like to live with other cats.

Evie Causer said “I liked it because I thought it was fun and interesting.”

Evie Piddington said “I thought that it was really good.”

This experience is highly recommended by the 40th brownie pack. Everyone would really enjoy it. Cats protection are willing to do more talks to other brownie packs. Book now while their time lasts!