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31st SC Brownies Time Capsule

In Autumn 2014, the 31st Sutton Coldfield Brownies set about preparing a time capsule to commemorate the centenary of the Brownie organisation.

The brownies collected items relating to the Brownies, local events and activities, current worldly items (such as newspapers and a tax disc) and other relevant guiding items. As Spring came around and the nights became lighter, we went to Hill Hook Nature Reserve to plant the time capsule under a new crab apple tree, especially dedicated to the Brownies and as a community activity towards the brownies’ adventure badges. We also put poppy seeds around the base, having done the Poppy Challenge, in remembrance of those killed during WW1.

Then in July we took the brownies back to the Reserve for 3 new brownies (Amelia Bannister, Caitlyn McCombe and Maggie Melsom) to make their promise, together with our two young leaders, Harriet Davenport and Roya Kamali. We had great fun in the woods using the real trees for “twist me and turn me” which the girls really enjoyed and which made it very special. They all proudly did their promise, and after photographs, we played hide and seek in the woods, before checking on the growth of the Brownie apple tree.

The evening was rounded off by a mother duck proudly showing off her eight ducklings to the girls and allowing them to get very close. She then took them to the pond where they jumped in from a great height and after some hesitation the last one leapt in to a big round of applause! It was a wonderful way to round the evening off and hopefully provided some happy memories for the girls.

Justine Thomas | Tawny Owl

Clare Lawton | Snowy Owl