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295th On Their Bikes!

A beautiful sunny evening in June saw the Brownies and leaders from the 295th Birmingham Brownies in Yardley, get on their saddles for what has become our annual bike ride.

Starting off from the play area at Sheldon Country Park we cycled past the back of the runway at Birmingham Airport and on to Marston Green, where “Snowy” challenged the Brownies to see who could get up the steep hill without stopping: very few was the answer!

On the way back we completed various activities towards the out and about badge. The Brownies were asked to work out which direction we were facing by using the position of the sun, before checking their decision with a compass; they were asked to set a map looking at the surroundings, and then there was great fun and laughter playing a game based on the points of the compass.

Kathryn Hoskin | 295th Birmingham Brownies